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Lab 1: The Basics

View the source code of this page and save it to your Save Disk. Open the source code in Notepad and answer each of the questions where indicated. Don't worry about writing the < > tag symbols. Just write out the tag words whenever appropriate.

Q: What is your name?
A: Jonathan Brandon @
Q: What is your major?
A: MSE Year 1
Q: What is your expected grad date?
A: Sometime in July of this year for Year 1; Sometime in March of 2001 for degree.
Q: Do you have a computer at home? If so, please state its configuration in as much detail as possible (CPU, RAM, Monitor, Modem, ISP, etc.).
A: Since my system is custom assembled, let me give a brief synopsis of my component inventory:
A-Bit BH6 Motherboard
Celeron 300a O/Ced to 450 w/100MHZ FSB
128MB brand name 8ns SDRAM
C: 20.5GB 7200RPM HD
D: 3.2GB 5400 HD
E: Kenwood 52X TrueSpeed CD-ROM
Iiyama VisionMaster Pro 450 19" Flatscreen monitor
Diamond Stealth III S540 32MB 2D/3D (Direct3D and OpenGL)
Diamond Monster3D II 12MB 3D only (for Glide games only)
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!
Cambridge SoundWorks FourPoint Surround speaker system
56K Modem
Cable Modem (Beta tester for Comcast in Citrus Heights)
Q: Describe your level of experience in Internet and WWW use.
A: I've been on the Internet since the early part of the last decade when 14.4K was fast and you rarely ran into graphics.
Q: What sorts of information would you like to post on your own web page if you had no limitations and if given the chance?
A: Information on my computer consultation business. Then receive a large amount of business generated from it.

Q: Look up and write out the following acronyms: SGML, HTML, HTTP, W3C
A: Standard Generalized Markup Language; Hyper Text Markup Language; Hyper Text Transfer Protocol; World Wide Web Consortium
Q: What is the difference between each of the heading tags <H1>, <H2>, etc.?
A: Font Size
Q: What is the hexadecimal code for the color "White"? What's the code for "Red" (HINT: Find Appendix B)?
A: White=#FFFFFF; #FF0000
Q: Why do you have to mind the various types of browsers when designing a page?
A: The same HTML code will not necessarily display the same in all browsers.
Q: What are six variables every designer should be aware of when designing web pages?
A: Browser; System; Resolution; Platform; Color; Connection

Q: Which of the three sites visited in the Browsing Challenge did not contain a <BODY> tag?
A: All of them.
Q: Of the three sites you visited in the Browsing Challenge, which site do you think will cause the most difficulties on slower computers with slow modems? Why?
A: The Dilbert site since it mostly graphics.

When finished, upload this page to your FTP site. Make sure the file is named "lab1.html".