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About Me
My name is Jonathan Brandon, and I am a computer afficionado of the greatest degree. I follow all the latest changes in 3D accelerators, CPUs, and PC architecture and enjoy learning the how, as well as the what, of new technology.
About This Site
This web site was created for my Web Site Creation class at MTI, the college I attended from '99 to '01. This is where I posted my assignments (labs) and generally just experimented with HTML code and concepts. The look and feel of this site changed drastically over the six weeks of the class and not much since then.

For those of you who are interested, you can
check out my work at the following links:

Lab5: Links to some fun sites
Lab5: Links to compuer related sites
Lab5: Links to sites with web page design information
Lab7: Table 1
Lab7: Table 2